Teaching Experience:

At Pacific Lutheran University

  • Composition and Conversation II (2017): Intensive review of grammar and idiomatic expression. Link
  • Intermediate German II (2017): Continued practice in oral and written communication. Link
  • Elementary German I and II (2016–2017): Development of basic communicative skills. Link
  • Topics in German Literature and Culture: The Age of Critique (2016): Introduction to literary and intellectual history of the German Enlightenment. Link

At Gettysburg College

  • Fundamental German 103 (2014) and 104 (2015): Essential grammar, vocabulary, composition, and pronunciation. Link
  • Intermediate German 201 (2014) and 202 (2015): Review of grammar and introduction to more challenging texts. Link

At UC Irvine

  • Aktuelle Themen in der deutschsprachigen Gesellschaft. Team-taught course (2013): Course on contemporary societal and political problems in Germany focusing on improving students’ communicative skills in an academic environment. Syllabus
  • Europe’s Real, Imagined, and Virtual Spaces. Teaching Assistant for Prof. Anke Biendarra (2011): Introductory course in European Studies examining the role played by space in the  construction of modern European identities and as a representation of national ideologies. Syllabus
  • German 2 (2010–2011): Intermediate-level instruction in German language and culture facilitated through the discussion of literary and other cultural texts.
  • German 1 (2009–2010): Beginning German instruction focusing on the development of communicative competency.

Professional Development:

  • German Subject Matter Expert/Instructional Designer, National Foreign Language Center, University of Maryland, College Park, November 2013–February 2014, June 2015–March 2016, January 2018–Present
  • Translator, German Language Services, Seattle, Washington, November 2017–Present
  • German Data Analyst, Search Strategy Solutions, May 2017–August 2017, April 2018
  • DAAD Lehrerfortbildung: “MINT im Deutschunterricht: Methoden und Technologien.” University of Rhode Island, 2013
  • AATG Workshop: “Spiel im DaF (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) Unterricht.” California State University, Long Beach, 2011
  • DAAD Workshop: “DaF in den USA: Grundzüge und Perspektiven.” University of California, Berkeley, 2009